Executive Committee 2021

The Executive Committee is responsible for governance, finance, events and fundraising. All Officers and Executive Committee members volunteer their time and services to the American International Club of Zurich. We are always looking for new members – interested?

President / Lead Media & Communications:
James Macsay

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Vice President / Events & Sponsorship / Community:
Rolf Holdegger

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Treasurer / Lead Finance:
Betsy Greene Mound


Secretary / Media & Communications / Community:
Judith Guyer-Almstadt

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Community Lead:
André Guyer

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Online & Tech Wizard:
Roman Kern

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Lead Events & Sponsorship:
Jeff Haindl

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Standing Committee / Events & Sponsorship:
Jeanette Bider

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Alliance Manager:
Stefan Müller


Club Coordinator:
Susan Suter

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Past Presidents

* still active members

1963Robert F. Holtz †
1964/65Henry C. Klingman
1966/68John P. Robertson †
1969/70George P. Wilson
1971W. Robert Kaegy †
1972Werner A. Stange
1973Jerome L. Hanan†
1974Charles L. Seay (until June 74)
1974/75Glenn H. Glad (until July 75)
1975/76John B. Stewart (until July 76)
1976/77John J. MacLaughlin
1978Clifford W. Slaybaugh
1979/80Nelson W. Price
1981George O. Morgan
1982/83Steven E. Kraft
1984Richard Filippi*
1985Jerome H.Farnum
1986Craig Crandall
1987A. Tappen Soper
1988Wesley Oler (until July 88)
1988A. Tappen Soper (until Dec. 88)
1989/90J. Quincy Hunsicker†
1991/92Alfred S. Farha*
1993/94Dave Leahey
1995/96Joseph Caruso*
1997Alan Medoff
1998/99Tim Blaisdell
2000/02Paul Cannon*
2003/04Marnin Michaels*
2005/06Timothy C. Clear
2007/09Ellen Frick-Delman*
2010/12Rick Perdian
2013/15Paul Selwold
2015/18Jim Johnson