About the Club

Our club consists of individuals and families in the Zurich area who wish to socialize with others with an interest in North American culture and the English language. The AICZ provides a forum for members who share this interest and live in Switzerland, to meet and interact with individuals from Switzerland and the Swiss international community.

The American International Club of Zurich, founded in 1957 (as the American Club of Zurich) provides a forum for members who share an interest in American/Canadian culture and/or language but live in Switzerland to meet individuals from the Swiss international community.

Over the years, “Ex-pats” from many nations have been coming to Zurich for various reasons that include international assignments, relocation, marriage, or one might say, destiny. The AICZ is here to provide its members with a smooth transition and integration into the community. In addition, our club, through its volunteers, organizes events that enable its members to fully benefit from and enrich the experience in our host country, beautiful Switzerland.

The purposes of the AICZ are:

  • To promote a community spirit among Members
  • To assist Members in their adjustment to the Swiss culture
  • To foster fellowship and promote friendly relationships among the Members of AICZ and between them and their Swiss communities
  • To maintain good relations and cooperate with other organizations in Zurich with similar goals or purposes.
  • The AICZ has no commercial or political objectives or affiliations, and is not a profit-making organization.

In the process, our members establish a camaraderie and spirit of fun as they profit from creative ideas of both new and more established members. The purpose of the AICZ is to promote “Fellowship, Friendship, Service” while bringing English-speaking people of all nations together.


Our membership consists of a mix of long term members and members that may only be in Switzerland for a short business assignment. Membership provides discounted event entrance including other benefits as obtained for our members by the club.time

Our club’s strategy to have a mix of Swiss and American events continues to be successful. Attendance at our TGIFs is increasing and having speakers at these events brings in new potential members.

We are a strong club of a great group of people! Getting involved is a great way to meet new friends and learn more about our Zurich community.

AICZ Constitution

Please download full Constitution here.