Monthly Member Profile (July 2024): Monique J. Morrow

AIn the beginning, balancing between the Helvetic propensity toward perfectionism and the American propensity toward pragmatism was challenging for me. I have since learned to love Switzerland and have thrown away that 5-year plan of returning to the USA. (Ha-Ha)

Arriving from Silicon Valley, USA, in 1990 , I worked for Ascom Hasler in Bern. In 1995, I moved to Zurich with Swisscom. This was followed by Cisco Systems where I had global responsibility and resided in Hong Kong for 5 years as part of a hybrid assignment. Currently, I am an Independent Director on the Hedera LLC Board. I am proud to say that that I am also the President and Co-Founder of the Humanized Internet. This Swiss-based non-profit focuses on digital identity and ethics in technology.

When I am not working, my days are filled with plenty of activitiy – rowing threes with my fellow members at the Rowing Club Zurich and Lucky Punch exercise classes in Europaallee, to name a few. In May, I had the great pleasure of being invited to attend the Cannes Film Festival at a special event hosted by Japan.