Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

If you are like me, by now you have grown weary—to put it mildly—of the seemingly never-ending influx of COVID-19 related news be it data and graphs, vaccination roll-out plans and statistics, identification and tracing of new variants, warnings of a third(!) wave, updates on measures and ordinances. A year ago most of us were fairly certain that a return to normalcy was just a matter of time, and we’d wait with bated breath for any bit of optimistic news to prove our point. One year later, we have adopted—albeit begrudgingly—a wait-and-see attitude, and find ourselves mentally preparing for the new normal.

When you stop to think about it, our natural ability to adapt to continuously changing environments—even when a global pandemic that has interrupted nearly every aspect of our lives—is really quite astonishing. And let’s face it, while we’ve had our challenges, overall I believe we can be thankful for Switzerland’s quarantine and government efficiency, healthcare readiness, emergency preparedness and resiliency. The daily quality of life, including simple things like nature, personal safety, etc., have gone a long way, I believe, to help us through these challenging times. 

All the same, even though we long to see the finish line, we’re not (quite) there yet. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves too quickly. The vaccine rollout has been sluggish, and it will take time to reach herd immunity so that we are all safe. Let’s remember to stay calm, be cautious, continue to adhere to recommendations of the BAG, and most importantly to continue taking care of ourselves and supporting each other and our communities however we can.

If you’ve run out of ideas for self-care, here are some more ideas:

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