New Light for the New Year 2021

New Light for the New Year 2021

For so many of us in Switzerland and wherever you live in the world, 2020 brought a holiday season unlike any other. After surviving almost one year of an unprecedented pandemic enduring social distancing, dreary daily routines, and being cut off from friends and family, nothing would have been more needed and delightful than a fun-filled holiday break surrounded by loved ones. With the end of the pandemic nowhere in sight, for most people there was simply no way around putting one’s head down and staying the course, i.e. more social distancing and more isolation. This required a big shift in our expectations for the holiday season, while continuing to prioritize our own health and the health of our family and community over everything else. Thank goodness we’ve all got very skilled at virtual connection.

Before we knew it, a fresh New Year 2021 was upon us, and with it much optimism, not only about the impending rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine both here in Switzerland and around the world, but also about the imminent change of administration in Washington DC. All the more shocking when just a few days later, on January 6th, the insurrection at the US Capitol shook people all over the world, a shameful and outright attack on democracy and calling into question the peaceful and orderly transfer of power to the Biden presidency.

Wednesday’s inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and all that it represents for so many people—change, hope, unity, light—was remarkable. The topic of light was mentioned several times during the inauguration. I heard it most prominently in Amanda Gorman’s awe-inspiring poem, The Hill We Climb. As she recited her poem, she speaks not only to a nation, but to people everywhere. I believe her words are inspiring and encourage us to focus on the light, to be the light. On that note, here is a book suggestion that might inspire you. I invite you to share your own book suggestions on this topic by commenting on Facebook.

The Book of Light: 365 Ways to Bring Light into Your Life,
by Mikaela Katherine Jones

(Image by Pexels from Pixabay)